Najath Super Speciality Hospital and School of Nursing
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Najath Super Speciality Hospital and College of Nursing
bullet Initial diagnosis: Blood investigations based on plasma fasting, post prandial sugars and Glycosylated Hemoglobin. 24 hour Continuous glucose monitoring(CGM) in unstable patients.
bullet Therapeutic interventions: Latest Oral anti diabetic drugs, Insulins and analogs and infusion therapy Insulin Pump therapy for poorly controlled and widely fluctuating blood sugars in diabetics.
bullet Monitoring complication: Timely assessment of Renal functions, Ophthalmology, Cardiac and Neurological, Peripheral Vascular and Dermatological assessment for diabetic complications.
bullet Associated Life Style Disorders: Diagnose and treat Hypertension, Obesity, Lipedemias, Thyroid and Metabolic Bone disorders.
bullet Podiatry ( Diabetic footcare ): Podiatrist to assess diabetic foot status, Neurovascular studies,Foot scan and Special Diabetic Atraumatic Microcellular Rubber ( MCR ) footwear provided to patients Foot Physiotherapy and surgical therapy as indicated.
bullet Diabetic Intensive Care: Treatment of Diabetic emergencies like Coma and associated Toxic states.
Dr.Seenaj Chandran
M.B.B.S,,M.D(Med),Dip DIAB
Najath Super Speciality Hospital and College of Nursing
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