Najath Super Speciality Hospital and School of Nursing
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Najath Super Speciality Hospital and College of Nursing
General Medicine is the medical specialty focused on the art of diagnosis and treatment of non-surgical diseases. A General medical practitioner or a Physician provides primary healthcare and specializes in family medicine. He also treats acute and chronic illnesses and provides preventive care and health education. Most of the older patients see a physician as their primary medical practitioner, who takes care of their varied medical needs and refers them to the appropriate specialists on the basis of their needs.
Tertiary referral centre with three Senior Consultants, four Junior Consultants and six DNB trainees, the department handles 50,000 outpatients and 5,000 inpatients every year. 100 inpatient beds and a full fledged ICU are dedicated for the department. The department provides casualty medical coverage also.
(Senior Consultant)
Hijas Abbas
Dr.Seenaj Chandran
Dr.Rose Mary
MBBS, MD (Med) Dip(DIAB)
Our Department Treats:
bullet Medical emergencies like :
  bullet Chest pain, breathlessness and giddiness
  bullet Poisonings like insect side poisonings drug overdoes and poisonous and non poisonous, snake bites, and other insect testes, honey bee stings etc.
  bullet Allergic reactions like food allergies, drug reactions etc
  bullet Metabolic emergencies like hyponatremia, diabetic coma , hypoglycemia etc.
bullet Infectious diseases like Dengue, malaria, Leptospirosis, Typhoid Hepatitis, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis and pyrexia of unknown origin.
bullet Life style diseases such as hypertension , diabetes; and obesity & Dyslipidemia.
bullet Hormonal imbalances like hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism etc.
bullet Vaccination for travellers and elderly diabetics and COPD patients.
bullet We have comprehensive and executive health checkup plans that help us to screen and diagnose diseases before they have manifested.
State-of-the-Art Medical Intensive Care Unit for the management of acute medical emergencies.
Trained and updated Medical and Paramedical Staff.
Advanced Ventilators, Monitors and Defibrillators.
Latest Imaging equipment for faster diagnosis.
Najath Super Speciality Hospital and College of Nursing
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